Sustainable Reusable Lanyards

Global Mamas is pleased to introduce our new line of natural fiber products. Partnering with local communities in the Volta River Basin, this innovative collection transforms the water hyacinth weed (an invasive plant species) into beautiful pieces that complement our current selection of eco-friendly, handcrafted products. This new product line reflects our goal of working towards circular, “closed loop” production.

With extensive training and sampling in progress at our new location in Akuse, the full collection will make its debut in Spring 2020. In the interim, we are pleased to offer eco-friendly laynards and name badges hand made in Ghana from water hyacinth weed, recycled paper, and 100% organic cotton batik fabric scraps. An innovative talking point for any conference or occasion! Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Eco Friendly Water Hyacinth Lanyards Handmade in Ghana

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