Size Chart

Download our Size Chart as a PDF or consult the following tables.

Small35″ / 88.9cm27.5″ / 69.9cm37.5″ / 95.3cm29″ / 73.7cm
Medium37″/94.0cm29.5″ / 74.9cm39.5″ / 100.3cm30″ / 76.2cm
Large40″ / 101.6cm32.5″ / 82.6cm42.5″ / 107.9cm31″ / 78.7cm
Extra Large44″ / 111.8cm36.5″ / 92.7cm46.5″ / 118.1cm32″ / 81.3cm
Small41″ / 104.1cm39.5″ / 100.3cm30″ / 76.2cm
Medium43″ / 109.2cm42.5″ / 108.0cm31″ / 78.7cm
Large45″ / 114.3cm44.5″ / 113.0cm32″ / 81.3cm
Extra Large49″ / 124.5cm48.5″ / 123.2cm33″ / 83.8cm
6M18″ / 45.7cm
12M19″ / 48.3cm
18M20″ / 50.8cm
24M21″ / 53.3cm
221.5″ / 54.6cm
423″ / 58.4cm
625″ / 63.5cm
827″ / 68.7cm
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How To Measure

Measure your body and then find the corresponding measurements on the chart. Garment measurements will vary depending on the intended fit of the item.

Bust/Chest – Start by placing a measuring tape around the largest part of your bust. The tape should be flat but not too snug.

Waist – Your natural waist lies between your bottom ribs and hip bones. This is usually around your belly button. To measure, relax your stomach and lie the tape measure flat around your waist. Allow 1/4” space to allow comfort.

Hip – For the most accurate measurement, find the widest point of your hips and place the measuring tape around.

Inseam – You may need assistance for this measurement. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Measure from the very top of your inner leg to the bottom of your inner ankle; repeat this process on your left leg. If you average your two measurements you will find more accuracy.

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